Piano Master Classes

Piano Master Classes


Derek Chiu

  • Bach Prelude and Fugues – Why Editions Matter: An Analysis of Editions of Bach’s Music
  • Mozart Concerti – Study of Classical Concerto Form and Learn to Composer Your Own Cadenza
  • Performance Master Class with Derek Chiu
  • Creative Ways to Practice Piano Technique – Scales, Chords and Arpeggios

Evgeny Chugunov

  • Piano Master Class with Evgeny Chugunov
  • Seminar with Evgeny Chugunov: “Developing an effective and healthy performance technique: myths and realities about our body and what we should do about it”.

Till Fellner 

  • Piano Master Class with Till Fellner

Lishan Hung

  • Performance Master Class with Lishan Hung

Irina Kaufman-Brookes

  • Performance Master Class with Irina Kaufman-Brookes

Irena Kofman

  • “15 Qualities for Success in Music” – Practical Master Class with Irena Kofman for Students and Parents

Svetlana Krasnova

  • Piano Master Class with Svetlana Krasnova

Natela Mchedlishvili

  • Performance Master Class with Natela Mchedlishvili

Esther Ning Yau

  • Piano Master Class with Esther Ning Yau: “How to Learn a Piece/Art of Problem Solving for Effective Practice”
  • Performance Master Class with Esther Ning Yau

Duo Petrof

  • The Art of Piano Duo
  • Performance Master Class with Duo Petrof

Victor Rosenbaum

  • Piano Master Class with Victor Rosenbaum

Mana Tokuno

  • Master Class with Mana Tokuno: Sight-Reading for Pianists
  • Piano Interpretation Class with Mana Tokuno