Piano Master Classes


Classes are open to all participants and auditors.

Derek Chiu

  • Performance Masterclass with a focus on Classical Repertoire

Evgeny Chugunov

  • Interpretation Class
  • “Whole-body awareness approach in mastering piano technique.”

Till Fellner

  • Performance Masterclasses

Li-Shun Hung

  • Performance Masterclasses

Irena Kofman

  •  “Piano Concerti for Young Students”

Joy Cline Phinney

  • Sight-reading skills

Victor Rosenbaum

  • Performance Masterclass
  • Interpretation Class: “Head, Heart, Hands, and More: What it Takes to Make Music”
    The class applicable to all about practicing efficiently and interpreting music

Mana Tokuno

  • Composing Your Own Cadenza (series of classes)
    The class includes the analysis of concertos and existing cadenzas, harmonic analysis and progressions, and advice/help on composing cadenzas, and how to effectively perform it.
  • Performance and Interpretation workshops: Etudes, Sonatas, Character Pieces, Dance Music
  • Graphic Score Reading: A new view to learn music naturally, quickly, and artistically (series of classes)