Academy Programs

Academy Programs

18-day ONLINE Program for
Strings, Piano, Flute and Voice

July 26 – August 12, 2020


The Academy Program is open to young professionals, college students, and inspiring pre-college musicians of all ages.

This year Cremona Online Academy offers combination of instrumental and vocal private lessons, master classes, and participation in interactive workshops, lectures, and group discussions.


Set program consist of 4 lessons/master classes. Participants have an option to study with multiple faculty.
Participants will receive 3 private lessons (60 minutes each) and will perform at 1 master class (master class performance can be substituted with a private lesson). Active participants will also have complimentary access, as auditors, to all Academy events, including master classes, workshops, interactive lectures, and group discussions. Participants will be offered to perform (pre-recorded work) at the student recital (performance is optional).

Please Visit our “Events Page to view Academy schedule of events.

Additional private lessons and master classes
Participants are eligible to signing up for additional private lessons and/or performances at additional master (additional fee apply).

  • In consideration of social distancing requirements piano accompaniment is not required for lessons and master classes.
  • Creating a good sound is one of the major challenges of online music lessons. Participants are strongly encouraged to use a good quality external microphone and other sound equipment that would help reaching best possible sound for their lessons, master classes, and other events.
  • Participants of the 2020 Cremona International Music ONLINE Academy will be automatically accepted to the 2021 Cremona International Music Academy and Festival in CREMONA, Italy.

All active participants will receive the Certificate of Completion.

Time Zones
The Academy will operate on Eastern Standard Time (US). The Academy will make special flexible scheduling arrangements for participants from various time zones to enable them to take part in the program.

Auditing the Academy
The Academy is welcomes you to join the program as an auditor! The auditor will have an opportunity to access Academy events without being an active participant. Please visit Auditors Page of our website.

Academy City

CLICK HERE for a list of
2020 Master Class offerings.

Stradivari City

In collaboration with the Consorzio Liutai “Antonio Stradivari” and the Fondazione Antonio Stradivari, participants of the Academy will have a unique opportunity to visit and meet with Cremona’s renowned luthiers and play on their instruments.

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